Web Applications

I have been developing web applications professionally since 1998. This work was started with Perl, and then continued with PHP. As PHP matured and browsers offered improved support of CSS and JavaScript, including AJAX, the need to develop native desktop applications was substantially reduced. However, there are still valid situations where it is necessary and efficient for me to develop using C++, Java, and Objective-C. There are also many companies that need older software maintained instead of ported to a web application.

The applications I have authored are owned by various private companies. Through proven technologies and my own custom libraries, the interface and performance of these applications rival desktop solutions. By providing program access via web browser, I have eliminated complex install procedures and delivered products that are instantly accessible from any location.

In my spare time, I develop widgets and libraries to satisfy deficiencies in the current HTML form components. Examples are scrollable tables with fixed headers, complex Dialog boxes, key mapping for any key, and many more. While we have many libraries available for use today, most are not capable of high performance with large data sets, or require far more javascript/css than what is necessary.

Some of the more substantial web applications I have created are as follows:

UB04/1500 Claim System (Healthcare)

  • Allows high-speed entry, verification, and processing of Facility (UB) and CMS 1500 claims
  • Instant feedback with error reporting for common mistakes
  • Instant verification of valid procedure, diagnosis, and other codes
  • Integrated modules for managing enrollment and providers
  • Customizable tab orders and required fields
  • Robust feature set with flexible permissions for Entry level users through Administrators
  • I've also created User Guides and Training Videos to demonstrate this application (Claim Entry)

Provider Entry/Modification (Healthcare)

  • Allows complete management of all Physician and Facility data for one of the largest PPO networks in Arizona
  • Tiered permissions system with user groups control and limit access to contracts, credentialing, and general information
  • Custom document management system capable of instantly linking uploaded documents to thousands of entities at once
  • Bulk address management to handle changes for large Physician groups in one step
  • Complete logging for all changes to track history of provider data

Claim History (Healthcare)

  • Allows fast searching of high volume claim data
  • Custom classes were created with javascript and css to achieve a desktop-like experience with large table data sets
  • Provides for virtually any type and combination of criteria
  • Integrated module for printing Repricing Sheets and results reports
  • Entire application dynamically resizes to available screen dimensions

Explanation of Review Programs (Healthcare)

  • Developed library using PDFlib to generate explanation of review for claim repricing data
  • Created a bridge using C to integrate library with desktop and proprietary programs
  • All programs and libraries capable of high volume production with minimum overhead

GIS Parcel Mapping (Real Estate Development)

  • Presents stored parcels in interactive maps
  • Various levels of zoom and pan control
  • Control of visible layers such as roads, streams, etc...

Parcel Management Application (Real Estate Development)

  • Manages ownership and data for an unlimited number of parcels
  • Automatically interfaces with and imports current ownership and boundary data such as Maricopa County Assessor's GIS System
  • Automatically interfaces with and imports current tax status of parcels
  • Extensive set of reporting capabilities with region and targeted ownership grouping