Computer Aided Drafting

With the advent of the web, and the efficiency of email and fax machines, the vast majority of my CAD related work product was required to be in 8.5 x 11 inch format to leverage efficiency and cost savings, except where formal regulations require full scale work products.

The CAD files below were created using AutoCAD. The research required to produce these drawings was largely conducted by me as well, including constant interface with Engineers, Construction Superintendents, and Surveyors. The scope of the projects was spread over several different forms of engineering, including civil, architectural, and mechanical.

CAD Drawings (Single Drawings)

CAD Drawings (Drawing Sets)

Scale House 11 pp - 308 KB a building for managing sales from a sand and gravel mining operation Classification Tower Structure 19 pp - 524 KB a large steel tower structure to support an advanced classification system for efficient separation of aggregate materials
Control House 8 pp - 280 KB a building used to operate equipment for a sand and gravel processing plant Indian Hill Estates Subdivision 4 pp - 1.2 MB (Sample) 37 pp - Warning - 10.9 MB a residential subdivision located in Allegany County, Maryland
3D Asphalt Plant 5 pp - 156 KB a 3-dimensional computerized model of a full scale asphalt plant Asphalt Plant Control House Drawings 4 pp - 164 KB a building used to operate and manage an asphalt plant
Asphalt Plant Construction Drawings 16 pp - 452 KB drawings for constructing the foundational supports for an asphalt plant